How Has Internet Enhanced Buyer’s Experience

Internet! The word itself describes the use of it. We all have been using it over the years, and it has become an integral part of our life. The Internet has revolutionized our way of living. After the internet coming into the picture over the years, it has totally changed the meaning of marketing for every market giant as well as home buyers.

The traditional way of searching and buying a home has now changed. According to a survey, around 92 percent of buyers search online before buying a property. Now, with rise in internet marketing, prospective buyers have shifted their information-gathering source from offline to online. Internet today has made it easy for buyers to obtain useful information for any project. Property buying was considered to be a tedious task, but today there are more than 450 million active users on the internet. The internet has become an effective medium to reach, engage and convert potential buyers faster than any medium.

Few ways in which the internet has changed the buying process:

Real-time updates:

Being a real estate developer you have to be advance enough to keep your potential buyers updated. Due to digital marketing, the buyers get real-time updates about the companies or any of their project. It is very important to keep your consumers engaged with real-time updates. This way buyers will only get information about the existing projects or if there is booking available for the projects they wish to buy. This way buyers will not have to waste their time chasing after unavailable homes.

360-degree view:

Unlike the traditional method of visiting a home, with the help of 360-degree now buyers can get an idea of the project. While sitting at your home or office you can just visit the website and take a virtual tour. The 360-degree saves time of buyers and provide them hassle view of any project on the developer’s website which helps them to understand the project clearly. A 360 degree is important because it gives user a personalized buying experience. This all gives the buyer a virtual tour of the site.

Generating inquiry:

During traditional means of buying a real estate, anyone who is interested in enquiring about the property has to visit the developer’s office personally. This was a hassle for the customers. But now, the picture has totally changed. Today, with the advancement of technology if any buyer has a question or inquiry regarding any project he/she has to only fill an inquiry form online. The developers themselves will contact the customers. Similarly, the customers can get any information regarding projects in developer’s website also.

Enticing offers:

While with the shift in traditional paradigm the realtors also come up with various offers in order to compete and maintain position in the market. In case of any festive offer, the buyers can easily get information on website or the company’s social media pages.

Social media presence:

Today every real estate developers have their social media presence via which they promote the projects to consumers. The infusion of digital marketing has helped buyers by exposing them to more choices. According to a study, there are more than 200 million users online a marketplace consisting of a different class of people. Therefore, no real-estate company can afford to ignore the internet’s role as a marketplace.

How does digital marketing enhance the home buying experience from a buyer perspective?
  1. Quick library and greater liberty to choose.
  2. Virtual tours of the home can be taken.
  3. Home Buyers can get any information about any property.
  4. A Home buyer can even book or schedule an appointment according to his/her convenience.
  5. Any information regarding the company of projects can be obtained in a mouse click.

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