Why Ready To Move-in-Homes Scores Over Under-Construction-Homes

The recent trends suggest that buyers have now started to prefer Ready to move in homes over under construction. For a lot of people, Home buying is a long and tedious process. Researching about the kind of home required, which location to buy your dream home, which brand to go with, the financial planning etc., whether to go with Ready possession home or under construction etc.  Let us help you know, why ready to move in homes scores over under construction homes!

Let’s take a look at a few points of why ready to move-in homes are doing better than under-construction homes.

No Risk of Delay:

When a buyer books an under construction home, no doubt that they have the benefit of an easy payment plan but, they have to wait for a min of 2 years to get possession of their home. They cannot move in immediately since the project is still under progress. Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the project gets delayed too, which leaves a home buyer specially the ones living on rent stranded since they end up spending on both, the home loan EMIs as well as the rent.  However, in a Ready to move in home, that is not the case. The Project or the homes are ready. The home buyer can complete the necessary formalities and payments to move into their dream home.  Having a home in your name is an overwhelming experience of life.

Get what you see:

Unlike an under-constructed home where there is a full chance to have little variation during construction ready to move in home you actually get what you have paid for. There always remains a chance of changes with the promised layout, features, structure, design that may not suit every home buyers tastes and preferences, but this isn’t the case with ready to move in homes. Whatever is seen is what you get. There cannot be changes done in the features and layout of a building that is already made.

Proper examining of the property:

Our home has to be eye-catching in the first visit itself. A ready to move in property gives us the privilege to see every aspect of the property like construction, location, size of the property, the surrounding area, parking space, green spaces, and other requirements according to individual preferences. This does not happen in the case of under construction properties. While visiting a ready to move in home you can check your neighborhood and ask them your queries about anything. In ready to move in homes there is no tension of basic amenities such as water facility or electricity, everything is on board by the developers and you just have to pack your bags and move in.

An ideal investment:

Ready to move in homes can always be an ideal investment not only because of its immediate possession but after paying the booking amount you can always choose the option of paying the rest amount of money in installment. Whereas if not immediately moving in you can always opt to give that property on rent as a monthly income option.


Taxes play an important part in the property buying decision. When a buyer purchases a Ready to move in property, he doesn’t have to pay GST. An Under construction project on the other hand attracts about 12% GST.

Are you planning to buy your dream home but can’t make up your mind whether to invest in a ready to move in home or an under construction home? In order to help you with this confusion, we at Pacifica Companies we offer both Under construction as well as Ready to move in luxurious villas & apartments, in different locations to help you make the right choice for your dream of owning a home.