10 ways to transform compact spaces

When we were kids and asked to draw a painting of a house, we made two storied houses with a garden and hills in the background, a river flowing nearby and a setting consisting of trees, animals and birds. But in the present world, due to increased population and enhanced development, open spaces are reducing and high rise buildings are increasing. Additionally, due to the high cost of living and elevating property rates, the demand for small homes is increasing day by day.

Creating a pleasing ambiance and designing a compact home aesthetically, takes some effort but is not impossible. With the right approach, you can convert your compact home into a cozy and appealing space. While decorating your compact space, try to include these guidelines:

1. A minimalistic approach works best – Don’t add too many elements to your space because it leads to making the space look cramped and smaller than it already is.

2. Optimise the available space by using multi-functional furniture – Wardrobe-cum-study unit, sofa-cum-bed, Murphy beds, etc. are some of the most widely used multi-functional furniture pieces used to optimise the available space. Furthermore, trade your chairs for a built in seating and install sliding drawers in the kitchen.

3. Floor space is integral – While choosing your furniture, make sure that they leave ample floor space. Absence of floor space is one of the main indicators of a compact space.

4. Clever storage – Storage is vital and clever storage techniques should be implemented to enhance storage options in compact homes. The space below the wardrobes and stairs are optimal and highly functional for families. Also, maximise the use of vertical space in the house with shelves built from the floor to the ceiling. Choose furniture with built-in storage options such as beds that have storage in head boards, attach full length mirrors to the wardrobe, etc. are some of the most effective methods of optimising storage space.

5. Choose light colours – While choosing paints for your home choose light shades and soft textures and if you plan the lighting accordingly, the space will not look cramped and small. The wall painting palette of compact houses should primarily consist of neutral colors.

6. Lighting tips – Mix direct and indirect lighting to enhance the effect of lights in your space. Try using wall mounted lights to optimise space.

7. Décor theme– While choosing your artefacts and furniture, make sure that their colours match. This will set a theme to your space. To create a dramatic effect, add a prominent piece of art of a contrasting shade.

8. Partition by screen – Use long and sheer curtains to separate two spaces. Not only is this method easy, but it also creates a unique appeal.

9. Wall art – Keep most of your walls free and add a piece of art to one of the prominent walls to act as a focal point. You can choose eccentric posters, quotes or peculiar art pieces to deviate the focus from the lack of space.

10. The Curtain trick – Hand your drapes high, as close to the ceiling as possible. This will create an illusion of space.

These pointers will help you create an aesthetically pleasing home and ooze appeal!

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