How To Decorate Your Home This Festive Season

Festivals are the time of celebration of togetherness. With Diwali round the corner, you all must be wondering about how to decorate your home this festive season. Diwali is one of the most important and auspicious festivals of this country. It is not only a festival of joy and togetherness for families but also a lot of good vibes.

During this time all the members of family are eager welcome Diwali and pretty decoration to your home  adds oomph to festivities. Nevertheless, it gives a unique touch to your home.The festival of Diwali is definitely about lights and many homeowners finds out different ways to make their home colorful and bright.

Here are a few ways to do up your home this Diwali:

Fancy decorations:

Cleaning and decorating is a common phenomenon for every household.   Every one of us likes to transform our house into a luxurious villa by putting up fancy decorations and diyas, flowers, candles, string lightings, rangolis etc. Althought, you can consider few of these not-too-expensive ideas that can help you keep youyr home well-lit. Consequently, they also manage to change the look of your home completely.

Sprucing the main entrance:

“first impression is the last impression”! Keep in mind that your main entrance is the first impression of the home. Hence, it has to be vibrant and welcoming especially during the festive season. One can use auspicious symbols to design and decorate the main entrance. In India symbols like swastika, subh labh is considered auspicious. Further more you can also use fresh flower decorations at your main entrance.

Beautiful rangoli:

Keeping your dream home appealing is our responsibility because it is the place where memory resides. During normal days we always decorate and keep or home clean and impressive. Similarly, during festivals, one best way to decorate the main entrance is by making Rangolis. Rangolis are an important part of the Indian household. Rangolis are designs made with different colors even with flowers. Today there are readymade rangolis which are smudge-free and are available in various shapes and geometric shapes.

Attractive temple area:

Decorating the temple area is also an important part of Diwali decoration. As we all know the main motive of this festival is to worship the idols of Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi it is important to make your temple area look beautiful and attractive to bring good fortune. Diwali being a festival of light not only adds a personal touch to your home interiors but also the temple area.

Paper Lampshades:

are an oriental way of decorating home during the festival. This is an easy buy available in amazing patterns and colors. Different sizes of lamps lend you the option of decorating your home and make it look beautiful.

Glass jar lanterns:

The glass jars which we usually throw assuming it to be useless. Well, there’s a creative way to paint them in a variety of colors and create Moroccan style lanterns as a perfect Diwali decoration.

Paper cup lights:

It is one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to light up the mundane corners of your home. Painting and cutting paper cups in floral shapes. Adding a tiny bulb creates a chain that makes your home look more beautiful.

Fairy lights:

Now is the time to decorate the interiors of your home by putting fairy lights for astonishingly creative Diwali decoration. These lights can even be used for puja room or put in glass vases for an amazing glowing effect.

Fruit candles:

Sounds unusual but exciting. Cut the fruit peels in beautiful shapes with tiny fragrant candles inside them. It is an unusual, but an exciting idea to decorate home in a very easy way.

Colorful candles:

Candles add magic to Diwali celebrations. Some colorful candle across the home can be put to spruce up and adds bliss to your home. Also, you can add a number of candles to your Rangoli design to enhance it.