Wedding Done Right. Now, What’s Next?

So, did you spend the last couple of months planning your awesome yet complicated December wedding? Worrying about how wedding rituals in these pandemic times? All those wedding questions with no one but yourself to answer them. Amid this chaos, we bet you forgot all about your dream home. The usual haunting questions – where do you want to start this new phase of life after marriage? Have you given this a thought? Do you want to live in an luxury apartments in Hyderabad or flat in Hyderabad? How many bedrooms do you want? What amenities do you and your partner need? What would be the ideal location?

Do not worry if you don’t have answers to all these questions because we are here and shall make some suggestions that will help you in selecting your perfect sweet home.

Benefits of buying your new home in Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Budget: –

The first step on how to buy your home is to decide how much you can afford. You need a financial plan. There are home loans which obviously ease the burden, but you can’t go overboard with your budget and then struggle with EMIs later. A few things you and your partner need to discuss are monthly household expenses, already existing loans (if any) and other personal financial liabilities. Where does all this fit into your budget?

Buying a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Hyderabad can be complicated if all these points aren’t thought through, but it is doable if there is a discipline in following a proper plan. As part of your financial plan, the budget must also align with your future goals as well as current requirements. For example, one could be in a family with double income and no kids. A few years later, they might want kids, which could lead one of them to leave their job for the child’s sake. In that scenario, equations would change, and hence your plan must be of long-term importance keeping in mind the unexpected and then decide on your budget.

Longevity: – How long are you planning to live in your new flat in hyderabad?

The questions you should be asking each other are: Is this the apartment you want to live in Financial district, Hyderabad for just a few years before starting a family in your new apartment? Or is this the home where you and your partner want to see your first child walk for the very first time? In the latter case, if you want your whole family living here in the future, then a lot of details change. You might need an extra bedroom, a child play area or a garden area in the apartment/house community. This overall affects your financial plan and the choice of the project, so longevity needs to be taken into account for better future planning.

Location: –

Price of  Flat in Hyderabad depends a lot on its location.  Location determines lifestyle, school choices, commute time to your workplace, safety of your family and house’s resale value in the future. You need to keep in mind the proximity of hospitals, shopping malls, schools, colleges, major highways while deciding on the location. Choose a location wisely because you don’t want to spend hours in traffic to get to work or to buy a packet of biscuits. Commute from your workplace and your partner’s workplace must be comfortable. And for the future, you might want to think about schools in the area.

Location, the neighbourhood affects many aspects of your life, like quality of life, social interactions, and safety. While choosing the location, you need to make sure this is the neighbourhood you want to live in. Perfect location is something that you can see here at Hillcrest or in any other project under Pacifica. Here at Hillcrest, proximity of essential places is a key feature. Hillcrest by Pacifica is strategically located near 100 Feet ring road, ISB ring road, outer ring road which is well-connected to several crucial hubs. For example, schools like Oakridge International School, DPS, Shriram School, Open Minds, Rockwell, Future Kids, hotels like Hyatt, hospitals like Continental Hospital, IT companies like TCS, Capgemini, campuses like Google, Infosys, Amazon and Microsoft, and supermarkets like Heritage Fresh Supermarket.


Choices of the best residential amenities should be evaluated based on personal preferences. Some basic amenities which every young couple must look for are elevators, a security system, ample sunlight, power and connectivity, and cross ventilation. These are some things that should not be overlooked while selecting a house. Whereas there are also some amenities which you can prioritize according to your budget and needs like walking/jogging track, play area, swimming pool, gym, garden and the list goes on. While these amenities are handy, it is better if proper space for services is there without hampering the elevation and beauty of the exterior façade. The list of amenities is never-ending, but make sure you and your partner remember what is necessary and what is not.

Before buying a new flat in Hyderabad, prioritize what you and your partner want and how you see your new home. And it won’t be long before you and your forever companion will have your home sweet home.