Chennai Is Getting Smarter: Buses With GPS, Metro Trains & Many More!

City dwellers want simplicity and convenient way of transportation. Infact, Cities all around the world are investing extra money, energy, and technology into developing processes that give reliable information on public transportation. Chennai is nowhere behind in this! Our research found a couple of interesting facts about Chennai’s present transportation system, which is actually smarter than any other cities.

It’s a task to navigate or travel, especially if you use public transport. But how about if you could see on your mobile phone when the next bus on a given route will arrive? Would this change your preference for the mode of transportation? Smart mobility is what you actually want, isn’t it?

It is all possible with the help of technology. Research on traveler behavior shows that the era of networks and information is pushing smart mobility. ITo add more to the above statement, The ministry of metro cities like Chennai is putting money; energy and technical talent into developing the best computer systems that will give transport an edge.

GPS enabled Buses!

Buses are the main form of public transportation in the city. They transport about five and a half million passengers on a daily basis, on the hundreds of routes around Chennai. This is how most locals travel. The government has virtually put together to give the smart cities idea its first big boost. It works like this.

  1. Chennai got GPS enabled buses, which provides the data on the vehicle’s location for a given period of the day
  2. This will determine the actual travel time for a bus and the distance between to and from stations
  3. This helps a passenger in forecasting how much time it would take to traverse the next point, which is what passenger needs!

The New Lifeline – Metro Train

Chennai has a suburban metro system with four major routes. The second phase of metro construction is currently underway which will run above an elevated road for 17.2 km, from Taramani to Siruseri, so public transportation is improving!   

Expanding boundaries of roads!

Widening is in process of the OMR into six-lane from Siruseri to Poonjeri, to reduce traffic congestion; Tamil Nadu Road Development Company has decided to build two bypass roads along OMR at Kelambakkam and Thiruporur.

Before the completion, TNRDC decided to build the bypass roads even before completing the Phase II. This was done as vehicles pile up at Kelambakkam and Tiruporur junctions on OMR.

And now some great news for motorists around the city!

Roads are expected to provide a big relief to motorists heading to Mahabalipuram and will reduce the travel time by at least by 30 minutes.

Passing through OMR road between Kelambakkam and Tiruporur, 15-km long six-lane bypass road will connect Pudur with Thandalam.

The Kelambakkam bypass road would start at Pudur in OMR and end at Thaiyur village covering 4.67 km, while the 7.45 km long Thiruporur bypass road will connect Kalavakkam village with Thandalam.

Areas getting the most benefits!

OMR is among the area which is developing with this updating transportation. Also, It has a very good connection to the rest of Chennai, as well as the airport and the railway station. In addition to the same, It is surrounded by all excellent residential suburbs, very close to ECR.

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