Color Psychology : For ethnic dream home

There are diverse meanings and feelings for colors. A simple color can affect many parts of your life. Colors can generate your living environment. They can change your moods, feelings such as exhaustion, enthusiasm, fierceness, relaxation and can increase or decrease your stress depending up on the shade. Hence, by understanding the exact meanings of colors help you to create the ethnic environment at your real estate property for yourself and your family.

Color Should Match Your Taste, Feelings

There are three important factors to finalize the color in your rooms. First factor is based on psychology. Some people feel sensitive for using few colors as those colors may leave some black mark in their life. For example: blood. Some people can’t bare blood, so color red. Hence, avoid using red in your house in such circumstances. Second factor is physiology. If any of your family member is suffering from color blindness. Then they may see some different shade which others can’t. Third factor is culture and society. This factor shows tremendous impact on our perception of color. As in these days people are living and changing their tastes for the sake of others. There is a lack of self respect and personal savor. Hence, use light hues in your living room. For example: white. In India, white stands for peace, purity, innocence and calmness. Use this color with some other blends.

Characteristics of Different Blends: Helps to Décor your Dream Home

Different shades with necessary connotations

White – Light, purity, truth, snow, peace, calmness, sterility, hope, celebration
Black – Absence, modernity, power, elegance, wealth, evil, anger, sadness, unhappiness

Gray – Elegance, humanity, respect, dullness, strong emotions, neutrality, formality

Red – Passion, strength, energy, fire, speed, heat, leadership, revolution, danger, anger. The color red helps to increase your appetite hence, many prefer to use red in dining rooms.
Blue – peace, sea, unity, harmony, tranquility, calmness, trust, confidence, loyalty, depression, coldness. Blue is considered by many to keep away the evil spirits.
Green – Intelligence, life, nature, fertility, youth, wealth, good luck, generosity, jealous. n western cultures green is believed as the luckiest of all colors.
Yellow – sunlight, joy, happiness, optimism, intelligence, idealism, hope, dishonest, greed. In the Middle Ages, both green and yellow colors are used to symbolize the devil.
Purple – Nobility, envy, sensitivity, creativity, royalty, ceremony, mystery, wisdom

Orange – Happiness, energy, balance, heat, fire, enthusiasm, aggression, warming, desire

Brown – Calm, boldness, depth, richness, stability, tradition, fascism, heaviness, poverty.

Pink – Spring, gratitude, appreciation, admiration, sympathy, love, sex, marriage, joy.
Using cool colors in your living room, dining room, bedroom, den or kitchen helps to slow down your perception of time. This helps to imagine your environment cool and isolated. Cool shades have flaccid, soothing qualities that aid your concentration and can create a temper of serenity and tranquility. Aqua blue is one of the best examples for cool. While warm colors tend to speed up your observation of time. For this reason many fast food restaurants use red and orange as a part of their décor to get the customers in and out fast. Warm colors make our feelings warmth and coziness. Warm colors stood for happiness and comfort. For our project related queries , visit