Pacifica Companies’ Luxury Flats In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a growing Information Technology hub with an increasing population from different places of India. People are finding their high-paying dream jobs here and making this place more animated. The concept of luxurious residential complexes is very popular in the western world. Even in India, it is becoming a standard trend for the middle and higher income group individuals. Working people these days prefer to stay in comfy apartments near their workplace. In Hyderabad, a segment of its tech-savvy residents is getting rich and increasing their standard of living. They are opting to stay in luxurious apartments near their workplaces. Here comes the Pacifica companies with its high-quality luxurious apartments on offer, in the best and happening financial areas of the Gachibowli district of Hyderabad.

Pacifica started their real estate business in India in 2004-05. Having their head office in Ahmedabad, they developed a number of real estate projects in several metro cities of India, like New Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Hyderabad. In Hyderabad, they developed their real estate projects around the major IT hub, business and office areas. They have established their biggest real estate project in an extremely busy area of Puppalguda, Gachibowli in Hyderabad.

Hillcrest, the luxury apartments in Gachibowli developed by the Pacifica companies, is a gift to those who would like to buy top quality luxurious apartments in Hyderabad. Pacifica understands their customers’ demands and always tries to fulfil it with their unique ideas and planning. Green views, large open areas with fresh air, children’s playground, community hall, and gymnasium, spa and salon are just some common things which can give people the expected level of comfort and luxury they want. A quality luxurious home means such a place where people will get their desired cosiness and peace of mind.

Pacifica makes their project in a way so that each and every corner of the house can be the reflection of the buyers’ taste and culture. Hillcrest project covers almost 40 acres of sprawling area, having 5 residential towers with 18 floors in each tower. These towers have 2, 3 and 4-Bhk luxurious flats of different sizes, from 1282 sqft. to 2635 sqft.

Summarizing, Hyderabad is now becoming an IT hub where people from around India are finding their dream jobs and making this place more vibrant. Pacifica is developing their luxurious real estate project to meet this growing demand at a reasonable price, without compromising on its quality.