Remodeling Your Home

Refurbishing your house to look like a chic home, will help increase its market-value manifold when you sell it


Realty is the best investment. Whether you’re looking to capitalize on the property you own by selling that old house you received out of a family inheritance or are looking to rent out an extra room, much can be done to improve the market value of your land asset. While certain variables like the locality and maintenance of the society are out of your control, there are many things that you can do to increase the market value of your home.



Have you ever knocked on a stranger’s door? Possibilities are that you spend a few minutes just assessing their stature by observing details like the quality of the front-door, the name plate and the knick-knacks lying around. Psychology proves that subjects form indelible first impressions by looking at a person, object or scene within a 90 second lockdown. Spruce up your entrance to enchant any passerby. Avoid common mistakes like leaving old newspapers and storage items, unsightly footwear and sun-drying laundry outside.



Maximise unutilised space by converting an unused den or study into an extra bedroom. In a country like India which is cramped for space, home buyers always choose homes that offer them solitude than spaces in which they can socialise.



Another huge demand that urban buyers have is the need for storage. Our cupboards, cabinets, closets and storage rooms simply aren’t enough to hold the treasures we have accumulated over a lifetime. Especially if there is a lady in the house, remember, there is always a need for an extra drawer and shelf.



When most home-owners think of selling a house, their mindset is that of leaving not of arriving. However, start thinking along the lines of how you would want your home to look when you are moving into the house of your dreams. Replace your kitchen appliances, and especially the old rusty bathroom fittings. Set aside a budget to do the same. While it may pinch your pocket, you will be paid manifold while selling the house.



Even if you own a top-notch property, all of your efforts will be ruined if the house isn’t well lit. Keep the windows open and the rooms well ventilated and choose soft mood-lighting over the harsh glare of fluorescent lights, so that your décor stands out in the best possible manner