Home Buying: Location an influential factor

Everybody wants to own their dream home. A place where they can relax and spend time in serenity. When you think of a home, you always think of a place filled with love where you can cherish your sweetest memories.  Yet you look for a place which is well connected and where you in proximity to everything that is essential to live a wholesome lifestyle. Basically, you wil ocnsider the home location as an important factor.

Location has emerged as the one of the Single most important factors while deciding where to buy a home. There are a number of factors that a home buyer need to keep in mind while deciding the location. While it may not be realistically possible to have all the factors in place. At least one must keep in mind which are the most important ones and which factors can be worked around.

Here are a few factors of a good location for your home:


Don’t we all want a good neighborhood that is accessible enough so that we do not have to walk extra miles for essential things? Generally, the neighborhood that appeals to you is largely a matter of personal choice. A neighborhood is one that is situated near your city’s major routes so that commuting from one place to another is easier. A truly great neighborhood has few key factors: accessibility, appearance, open spaces, connectivity and amenities. So, a home with easy access is more desirable and is one good example of a good location.


The amount that you pay for your home totally depends on the location you choose. A centrally located home is always a choice for everyone. Don’t just buy a home to live in. Ask yourself questions such as, is your home centrally located? Does it has close access to everything? These questions will help you to evaluate the right kind of location for your perfect home. A good location is always centralized so that commuting becomes easier. Also a good location is one which is developing at a fast pace. This ensures that your property appreciates at that rate too and gives you good return if you plan to sell it out for any reason.

Location Development:

It is not just present amenities that matter, future ones as well. Every parent has a dream for their child and they always strive to give the best education for them. These young hearts need to be nurtured and should be equally given ample time to study and play. Availability of schools closer to home will give them enough time to study and play. Plans for schools, colleges, healthcare facilities, public transport or other public infrastructure is an important factor of a good location. Not only these plans offer access to every basic amenity but a home located in these locations will always yield a higher ROI in the future and is also an example of a good real estate project.

Local Amenities Around Home:

We all want to spend some quality time with our loved ones. Sometimes at home, sometimes going out with them. Imagine, you feel like enjoying Sunday evening with your family and you step out only to realize that you have to drive one hour on Sunday evening. Sounds tiring, right? But a home located near shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, parks and other amusement facilities is always preferable because it saves traveling time and within 5-10 minutes’ drive you can visit such places and have fun. These local amenities also have a direct impact on real estate prices.

Final thoughts on buying:

Buying a home is a very crucial decision to take because you put in your time, effort and life savings in it. If you’re buying a home the first thing you decide is what location to choose. Being a considerate buyer evaluate and prepare a checklist of all the important things you would want in your dream home.