Importance Of Having Ample Sunlight In Your Homes

Natural light is better than artificial light. For instance, It helps to maintain our daily cycle of activity and sleep, helping us to perform best in our daily life. Sunlight provides natural light in homes whereas light bulbs only duplicate the effect of light. Yet many homes still do not have natural light as a priority. Sunlight produces Vitamin D which is important for our immune systems and healthy bones.  Daylight in homes can help you gain many essential benefits for our body:-

  • Helps develop vitamin B
  • Sunlight has healing power
  • Ultraviolet rays act as antiseptic
  • Increase red blood cells
  • Boosts immune system

According to research, our genes respond to daylight, in a positive way. Light is antibacterial, it helps us to fight disease.

Ways to get better sunlight in homes

The use of glass makes a huge difference internally and structurally as well as in windows. It allows light to penetrate far deeper into the home. Also, the use of glass panels, doors, and even glass staircases are a great source for light and to open out the space visually.

Tips to increase natural sunlight:

  1. Cleaning your windows regularly will allow sunlight to enter easily
  2. Cutting back trees or bushes near a window that are blocking light
  3. Plan more windows in the strategic location around your home, if not already there.
  4. While adding windows in your home, install tall, big windows that let allows maximum amount of sunlight to enter in your room.

Sunlight is healthy

An ample amount of sunlight not only makes your home look healthier also, but sun rays are also a rare commodity nowadays. Sunlight is known to be a natural disinfectant and offer benefits:

  • Vitamin D helps in maintaining the health of bones and teeth
  • Supports the health of our brain, and nervous system.
  • Helps in regulating insulin levels and aids in diabetes management.
  • It helps to support lung function and cardiovascular health.

Saves electricity

Effective placement of windows for daylighting that allows a generous amount of natural light will help save electricity. It eliminates excessive use of light in the day time.

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