Smart Ideas To Decorate The Heart Of Your Home: Kitchen

More than just a space for cooking or eating, the kitchen is where all of the emotions in the home take place. It’s the true heart of the home! From entertaining guests to gathering on Saturdays morning as a family, we spend most of the times in here! It’s indeed an integral part of the house. The kitchen decor must be something that inspires good food, memories, and enjoyment.  Whether you are renovating, redecorating or simply updating this heart of the home, consider few trends and cost-effective ideas.  Get an inspiration to transform this area with practical and easy to steal decorative touches whether it’s your new home or renovating an old one.

Since we incline to see things at eye level first, some of the most noticeable changes you can make in a kitchen involve the walls and hooks or cabinets above the stove. Updating your kitchen wall décor with easy but design savvy changes will make a big visual impact.

Here are kitchen decorating ideas that take your kitchen from tired to inspired:

Fresh color:

One of the best ways to alter the look and feel of any room is with a change of color, and the kitchen is no different. We’re talking about small changes here, so consider your existing worktop, cabinets and other fittings that can be painted, to make sure your new color will compliment them. Go with shades that match well for the bulk of your walls but don’t be afraid to add small splashes of color too. This could be on feature tables, multipurpose accessories or even appliances.

Use small appliances as a part of decoration:

A storage fridge might be too expensive but go nuts with everything else- like a toaster or mixer. Such small things are like jewelry for your kitchen.  You can move them around or put them away whenever you want.

Declutter and tidy:

You want your new kitchen style to sparkle, and tidying regularly is going to help do just that. Whether it’s keeping plenty of space on your worktops, rearranging your cabinets so that you can fit more in, or keeping your appliances clean, these are all going to vastly improve the room’s overall look. Regular wiping down of surfaces and hobs is a big part of it too, no one likes a grimy surface. Don’t forget about your cooker! Knowing how to clean a gas stove can really help. In fact, knowing how to clean a gas stove and other appliances properly not only lifts the look, it also saves time and effort in the long run.

New shelving:

If you’ve got the space to add a floating shelf or two it can really lift a kitchen and bring it in line with modern trends. This type of shelving is not only practical, it also gives you a chance to show off some cool pieces like statement vases and stunning candles, copper pans and pretty plants. Hooks are another great way of adding storage and changing the look of your kitchen too, perfect for hanging those stylish pots and funky utensils.