Mix – Use Projects By Pacifica

Pacifica has an extensive number of mixed-use projects in the US with a successful track record that includes numerous acquisitions of real estate development/ property development. Pacifica has always ventured for real estate synergies from multiple resource utilizations within a property for optimal business coverage and long-standing success.

The basic balance of commercial and domestic elements in these projects presents Pacifica’s vision in a new light altogether. The holistic nature of every amenity, element, and luxury, resounds with the utility factor that the group delivers along with aesthetics. Residents, visitors, and businessmen find the spaces completely suited to their needs, with harmony bowling them over!

In India, Pacifica seeks to develop projects with all-encompassing aspects of realty. Mixed-use projects neatly encapsulate live-work-play combination for residents and visitors who thrive in a holistic environment, while reducing time involved to travel from office to restaurant to shop to back home. The connected pathways and an integrated project delivers vibrancy and sense of community to the suburban landscape like no other.