11 things seniors can do while social distancing

Social distancing might not sound as easy for seniors as it is for young people. Most of the times rather than the diseases, it becomes more difficult to deal with loneliness and boredom. Experiencing separation during this pandemic might create a break in their routine.

Here is how you can help your loved ones with activities that include people online. It can be video games or online book clubs. You can also help them bring out creativity by helping them cherish new hobbies. All of this can eventually keep them occupied as well as help them maintain their quality of life.


  • Watch a movie

The first and the foremost. Do we even have to suggest this? Just make up a list depending upon the genre that your loved ones love to watch and create a movie night. Join in and watch new movies or re-watch the list of your favourite movies. You can also choose to bond over discussing the movies and their characters.


  • Play a new instrument

If you do have an instrument still sitting in the dust, this is the time to take it out! Find an online tutorial and help your loved ones to learn the basics of playing a musical instrument. Also, if you already play a guitar or drum set you can just help them learn a new instrument while you enjoy your jamming sessions.


  • Video Games

Most of the intellectual games can increase the likelihood of improving mental health. You can start with senior-friendly games that will help your loved ones stay occupied. In addition to the same, don’t you want a second player in your coven while you go in a war zone? Well, here is to cheer up with your new partner!


  • Write letters

Hold a paper, type it out or make a journal. Help your loved ones make their time accountable for their words. Pen it all down while they talk or give them a computer screen to operate and maybe you will have a lot of new memories and old stories to cherish.


  • Learn a new language

Youtube tutorials, Online courses and lots of books can help your loved ones start learning a new language. Cherish the culture that comes with it, the place and also the people. Give your loved ones the tips and tricks of surfing through the internet while they enjoy the outburst of knowledge.


  • Create and Paint

Bring out the creativity. Help your loved ones create art and craft. There are a lot of DIY tutorials online to help you figure out easy items for your home decor. Help your loved ones find the motivation behind these stressful times by creating a piece of art. Also, rather than working on an art piece, if you just want to keep them occupied, try the colouring books available in the stationary marts.


  • Read

Form literary novels, plays and poems to encyclopedias, thrillers and mysteries, there isn’t a shortage of books in this world. Start by creating a habit of reading to pass out time or just gain a little extra knowledge about the world.


  • Cook

Remember those golden days of your grandma’s favourite cookies or her secret salsa sauce? Well, this is the time. Take her help and try learning and creating the same magic.


  • Take a virtual trip

Teach your love ones the art of enjoying google maps and running down the memory lane with the help of photographs, places and how they grew up. BRing the stories back on the table. This could be proved as a healthy onding exercise.


  • Meditate and Excercise

Any form of physical activity is indeed necessary to keep your daily schedule active. It can help your loved ones keep their health in check also, Meditation can help them keep up with their mental health.


  • Gardening

As it is spring season already trying your hand at gardening may be one of the best ideas to get into sun and soak in some Vitamin D from your backyard. In addition to the home gardening, you can also grow some tomatoes or herbs for your fresh farm salad.

Have you already tried something apart from this that keeps your loved ones happier during this pandemic? Do, Let us know!