Forrest Trails–Luxurious Farmhouse Living, Ahmedabad
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Forrest Trails, Adroda Road,Bavla – 382220,Ahmedabad

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Prepare your senses for an unusual beauty.

Developed amidst forrestry green scapes and pure life course luxuriated with organic farms that are exclusively managed by us. Each of them embraces the quintessence of farm house settling. Feast on freshly farm produced delicacies served at the organic café. Fulfil your fitness goals by sipping healthy organic milk churned from the dairy farm. Discover the bounty of nature’s imagination at the Butterfly park. Seek for serenity at Machan (Treehouse). Or satiate whatever your soul craves for!

Life at Forrest Trails is purely inhaled amongst the organic farms. Every house is delineated for organic farms wherein vegetation and fruit trees will be cultivated sans the synthetic constituents. The development is amplified with the one-off concept of Co – op Farming community. Wherein the idea is to lead a self-sustainable lifestyle amidst organic farms and biological diversity. Forrest Trails is also equipped with comforts and conveniences like an expansive Green House, Hydroponic Gardens, farm to table café, cycling & walking trails etc, which makes your daily experiences unrivalled.


Members of Forrest trails shall avail a free lifetime membership at YMCA Forrest trails. They shall also have access to the facilities of YMCA International Centre Ahmedabad as well. With this advantage, imagine the entire plethora of amenities that you gain access to at Forrest Trails.


M/S Prabhakar B. Bhagwat

Hiren Patel Architects

tHE gRID Architects

Dhaval Patel Architects

Beyond Green Architects

Project Highlights

There is historical proof that shows us the south-west part of Ahmedabad has constantly experienced perpetual development. Being the entry point to the city for businessmen & visitors alike from the affluent regions of Rajkot, Surendra Nagar, Bhavnagar and many more, this belt is the latest investment nucleus known for its speedy development both in the residential as well the commercial sector.

Lifestyle Choices
  • Personal Organic Farming Area
  • Swimming Pool for every villa
  • Private Verandah
  • Orchard & Garden Area
  • Organic Farm
  • Dairy Farm
  • Hydroponics Farms
  • Green House
  • Stud Farm
  • Cycling/Walking Trails
  • Farm to Table Café
  • Farmers Market
  • Machan Tree house
  • Butterfly Park

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