Prepare Your Child While Moving In A New Home!

Moving in a new home is exciting and it is the same as having a fresh start. However, moving ina new home is also a tough and stressful time with all the preparations and activities needed. This could be difficult for adults and so much harder for kids. While difficult, it is also an exciting time for your family to be moving in a new home. Change in place opens a door and provides opportunities that staying put doesn’t allow. But when your kids are leaving the only home they have ever known, no matter what positive spin you put on it, there is bound to be some stress. Most of the kids do not have a clear understanding for why the move has to be made. IIn addition to the same leaving the old home behind can be quite scary to them, not to mention their old school and friends.

Your kids can be the greatly affected when you move. This is the reason why you should do whatever you can to make the process easier for them.

Prepare your kids:

If you have been in your home for even a few years, this may be the only home your kids have ever known or can easily remember. As tough as the change is for you, it will be more difficult for them. It will take some time to the thought of coming “home” to a new home. Tell them about the things they are going to love in your new home. For example, if your new home has kids’ library or a play area where they can play safely, round the clock.

Announce wisely:

Be positive when announcing the move! Show excitement when talking about the new neighborhood and school. Don’t expect that to be mirrored in your kids right away but stay upbeat.

Arrange a tour:

If possible arrange a tour of the new school and visit to the neighbourhood and home. A tour of their new school grounds can help them settle in the new location fast.

Create excitement:

Get your kids involved in decorating and painting their new rooms. Let them choose the theme, decorations and colors they love.  If you can move things little by little into the new house, let your children select items to put in their rooms so when they get over there, it will already have the feel of home for them.  

Help in socializing new surrounding:

After moving, you must help your kids adjust to the new home. Help them make new friends. Tell them they can still keep old friends and get in touch with them every now and then.

If you are excited and happy about your new home, most likely your kids will be enthusiastic too. Move-in can be tough on your kids. However, with your help they can easily adjust to the new environment. Most importantly, you can help him socialize so that he will not feel alone and out of place.