Smart Home Automation Will Change The Way You Live!

For many of us, smart homes mean those fancy, high-tech, expensive systems that turn lights off and on, close blinds, and do other trivial things for the ultra-lazy. While most of these are on the basis of half-truths and part myths. These only cover a tiny little section of what smart home actually is. They are merely referring to the way that you can control and monitor your home’s systems remotely. You can check the temperature and turn down the cooling, make sure the doors are on lock and much more. However, if you want a smart home, you don’t have to go out and buy a new home. You can make changes to your current home, adding and installing features that you can control with a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Smart home products are popular for several reasons:

  1. Convenient
  2. Save money
  3. Keep your home more comfortable
  4. Make your home safer
  5. Easy and fun to manage

Smart home system refers to a variety of different and overlapping electrical and wireless systems. Such a system will enable a smart home to function as a combined whole unit.  Every family has different needs, such as when they eat, sleep, shower, clean dishes, and turn the lights on. Above all, Your smart home systems will work with your family’s schedule, minimizing energy usage and saving you time and money.

What’s trending with SMART homes:

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new and amazing products for smart homes. Here are a few other popular smart products on the market:

Water leak sensors:

It’s a device designed to sense the presence of water and deliver an alert in time to prevent water leakage. It lies on a floor and relies on the electrical conductivity of water to decrease the resistance across two contacts. The device sounds an alarm with providing signaling in the presence of enough water to bridge the contacts. This will cost you approx. 1,500/- 

Energy-saving, programmable thermostats:

A programmablethermostat helps make it easy for you to save by offering four pre-programmed settings to regulate your home’s temperature in both summer and winter – when you are home, asleep, or away. This will cost you approx. 8,000/- 

Motion detector:

This is a device that detects movingobjects, particularly people. It is integrated as a component of a system that automatically performs a task or alerts a user of motion in an area. They form a vibrant component of security, automated lighting control, home control, energy efficiency, and other useful systems. This device will cost you approx. 1,000/-. 

Automatic, timed lights:

A light timer is an electrical circuit with a built-in clock. Costing you 1,000/ and acting as a communicator between the power source and the light, the timer turns lights on and off based on the times you set. Available in a variety of sizes, these devices come equipped with controls ranging from circular dials to digital settings. In addition to this, light timers can be stand-alone devices with a single electrical outlet, contain multiple outlets or be integrated with a security system.

Digital security system:

You can use this simpleand reliable digital security system by installing the sensing loops around your building. In addition, you can rotate camera from anywhere in the world using mobile application.  This smart wireless camera is designed with easy setup feature for do-it-yourself installation which will cost you approx. 2,500/- 

Almost everything in your home can be connected to the internet and be remotely controlled by a mobile device or virtual assistance. However, to make your home smarter you can also add devices such as automated air conditioning systems, light dimmers, automated home locks, smart plug, smoke detector, water shutoff valves to stop leaks, automated, electronic water softener/ conditioner, water heater shutoff, water conserving faucets attachments, automatic irrigation sprinkler system depending on your requirements.