Tips to safeguard your immune system from changing seasons

With the onset of spring, unclouded days, blossoming flowers and refreshing winds have entered into our lives once again.

The fluctuation in the weather conditions can adversely influence our health and wellness and thus enhancing our immune system is the best preventive measure that can be taken to remain hale and hearty in this current climatic condition.

Here are some tips to enhance your immune system and shield your body from diseases:

1.    Soak in the sun – Our current lifestyle of being cuddled up in the comforts of our home have resulted in reduced exposure to sunshine. While sunshine vitamin is paramount, we fail to address its true value. Vitamin D plays an important role in strengthening our defense system and helps to fight against viruses and bacteria. So go out and soak up as much sunshine as you can!

2.    Sweat it out! – Consistent exercise is one of the best ways to maintain our general wellbeing. Exercise results in proper flow of blood throughout the body system and boosts immune system by blocking effects of foreign germs on the system. 30 minutes of cardio workouts 5 times a week and 2 days for strength training is more than enough to keep you healthy.

3.    Say NO to sugar – Apart from causing tooth decay and weight gain, sugar has the added disadvantage of being an immune depressant. Refined sugar dramatically decreases immune function and makes us easy targets of cold and flu.
4.    Listen to your gut – Our digestive track plays a dominant role in the wellbeing of our immune system. 80% of the immune system depends on our digestive tract, filled with beneficial bacteria, which help in digesting nutrients and preventing spread of diseases. Probiotic supplements aid in better digestion as well as boosts and protects our immunity.

5.    Go seasonal – Seasonal fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients and vitamins beneficial for the season. Including seasonal fruits and vegetables to daily diet will provide the fuel our body needs to thrive and fight against entering viruses. Such a healthy diet will nourish our system by removing toxic materials from the body and energize the body.

6.    Stock up on stress-busters – Going easy on stress is vital for maintaining a healthy body function. Stress disturbs the natural balance of the body and hence takes a massive toll on the immune system. Reduce your stress levels by indulging in meditation, yoga and exercise. Reducing stress will result in natural balance, thus restoring the body’s natural therapeutic process.

7.    Ample rest – A tired body is more susceptible to diseases compared to a well-rested body. Give your body ample sleep and rest, giving our body a chance to revitalize for the day to come. Reduce caffeine content post sunset to ensure a good night’s sleep.

8.    Zinc it up! – Zinc is one of the essential components for immune cell function and a mild deficiency of zinc can harm immunity drastically. Oysters, pumpkin seeds, beef and buffalo meats are good sources of zinc.

9.    Hydration is the key – Staying hydrated allows disposal of nutrients and transport of nutrients to the affected site. Drinking ample amount of water helps in remaining healthy!