Amp up your hallway!

Hallways are one of the most under-rated part of homes. While it is the core linking all the rooms, we often tend to not work on improving the hallway space. It is the one place where you can express your personality, be bold & imaginative, without generating an overwhelming response, as people pass through for a fleeting second. The intention of decorating the hallway is to accomplish visual amplitude.

Since hallways are usually narrow, you must absolutely make sure that you do not add too many elements and the overall theme is kept light & bright. Here are few suggestions to make your hallway a feast for your eyes!

  1. Travel wall – Who does not love traveling? Designate a wall to showcase your travels around the globe. Hang up colourful small maps, picture collages, postcards, a collection of tickets & boarding passes, stamps, souvenirs, etc. Every time you walk through the hallway, you will be reminded of the good times and is also something your guests would find interesting.
  2. Artistic drawings – Display artistic pieces of local artists, which is a creative option! Adding a splash of colors on neutral walls will break the monotony and act as a distraction from the cramped space.
  3. Family portraits – Add pictures of family to one side of the wall. In the age of smartphones, it is fun to see a framed old picture of yourself or your loved ones.
  4. Kid’s area – Kids have a natural flair for art. Appreciate their creative efforts by sticking their artwork on a pin board hanging on the passage wall.
  5. Wallpapers – Use graphic or horizontal wallpapers to add a sense of space to your hallway.
  6. Wooden furniture – If you are a fan of furniture, introduce a small half-moon table to your passageway, where you can showcase dear pictures and mementos. While choosing the furniture, make sure that the breadth of the passageway is taken into account and the furniture does not interfere with the walking space.
  7. Lighting – Lighting plays an important role in all aspects of your home. Include bright coloured & classy hanging lamps, lanterns, globe lights, etc. to add brightness to your space.
  8. Plants – Indoor plants add a touch of greenery to your interiors. Choose small shrubs on hanging pots to emanate the feeling of a virtual garden.
  9. Archway – Design a chic archway to the entrance of the hallway to create an architectural delight.
  10. Mirrors – Mirrors are the best option to amplify the sense of space. Add a statement piece to your entryway and place an ornamental mirror above the piece, thus highlighting the piece as well as providing a sense of open area. Hanging mirrors on the wall also eliminate the tunnel feeling of the hallway. Position mirrors in such a way that it reflects natural light, thereby reducing the darkness of the hallway!

These are few tips that you can follow to amp up your hallway. Try them out, according to which best suits to your personality, home & space and watch the compliments flow in.