Create your own library!

There is a world far beyond our universe that some people like traveling to – explore an unknown space, witness a story, embark on exciting adventures and venture into disparate lives. Yes, the people in question here are the bookaholics. However, I am not talking about the Kindle-generation; I am talking about the traditional ones; who love the smell of old books, preserve books like their family heirloom, and use bookmarks instead of dog-earing the pages; the sheer thought of which makes me shudder.

In this day and age, where the population is on the rise in the cities, the supply of living spaces is relatively less compared to the demand. People living in metropolitan cities struggle to find decent living accommodations in a good locale, and when they find a home that meets their criteria and budget; they often face the issue of space.

And these bookaholics struggle with an existential crisis. They find themselves boxing up their best friends and storing in the storage rooms or under their beds. We enumerate certain hacks that bookaholics can implement in their homes to showcase their collection without compromising on space.

Floor to ceiling shelves is one of the creative ways to maximise the use of wall area. Wall to ceiling shelves take up minimal space of the floor and the height of the ceiling gives extra space.

  • Head boards or base boards of the beds are rarely used as storage options. Use these to stock up your books and add a bed-side lamp to help you read into the night.

  • Hallway library is an ideal for homes with long hallways. Due to the constriction in space, there is only so much you can do in the hallway. Turn one of the walls as a library by creating built-in book shelves.
  • Stairs can be exploited by using up the cavity of the stairs as shelves to store books. Not only is it a utilization of space but also pleasing to the eye.
  • Dining room walls are hardly used to showcase home décor or photographs. With wall mounted shelves in the dining room, you can use this space as a reading area as well as dining area.
  • Corners are one of the most innovative places to be used as bookshelves. Stack up a couple of L-shaped holders and voila, you have a bookcase!
  • Ceiling shelves that run across the perimeter of the room is another wonderful option to stock up all your books. These shelves are within reach and yet this space cannot be utilised in any other way!
  • Furniture with in-built storage such as a bedside table with racks, or wooden tables with space to store books are excellent furniture choices.

  • Floor is an artistic option. Stack up your books on top of one another neatly on the floor to offer a modish appeal.

Implement these splendid techniques to house your favorite books and always have them right in front of you!