Home Décor Trends of 2017

If you are decorating your new home or redecorating your old one, you need to be in sync with the latest designs and styles trending in the market. Here is a compilation of the trends that have made their way to the top of the list of best home décor trends in the year of 2017!

  1. Bright Green : The jovial shade of green is a nature inspired tone, which can add a touch of refreshment and revitalization to your space! It is totally in sync with the contemporary philosophy of minimalism and sustainability of natural environment. If you do not want to go overboard, just introduce green plants into your space which will give the room a major boost without taking away the limelight.
  2. Butterflies : Long gone is the perception of butterflies belong to children’s bedroom décor. It is progressively being used as a buoyant and happy motif in various parts of the home. Not only are butterflies a symbol of grace but also an icon of optimism.
  3. Navy blue : Last year saw black being promoted as a preferred dark colour for interiors. But this year, black has been replaced with navy blue. While the main benefit of navy blue is that it works well with any colour scheme, it also gives the area a mysterious vibe without making the room appear small like black does.
  4. Tucked away appliances : With the upward trend of compact homes, people will prefer tucked-away appliances to conserve space, which can be used when needed and put away when not needed.
  5. Multifunctional furniture : Another creative option in case of compact spaces is multifunctional furniture. There are plenty of options for storage as well as multifunctional furniture in the market such as a dining table which can also be converted to a work surface, or a seating arrangement with in-built storage options.
  6. Light airy spaces : The best homes have copious amount of natural light and air coming in. Open, airy rooms with light colour palettes with easy and friendly interiors inspire and uplift the mood of the person present in the room.
  7. Monochrome layering : Try artistically layering a variety of textures of a similar colour scheme to bring in a natural and easy vibe. Start with pleating and draping of large scale woven textiles to give depth to any aesthetic.
  8. Bright colours : In a room painted with light shades, introduce bright and bold colours by choosing décor items of jewel tones. If you are a fan of drama, brightly coloured décor pieces are ideal for you.
  9. Wood tiles : A simple and elegant flooring option – wooden tiles have been preferred by many since the beginning of time. The natural lustre and rich colors spread a warm and opulent ambiance!
  10. Nightstands : Nightstands are now a part of décor rather than a storage utility. The surface of nightstands can be used to display family photos, flowers, lamps and other art items.
  11. Farmhouse style : It is time to bring the country charm back! Introduce an ambiance of rustic appeal by creating a farmhouse setting.
  12. Marble wallpaper : Marble has the extraordinary power of turning even the most common and mundane places to glorious luxury areas. The smooth, shiny texture and natural patterns are extravagant and have been popular throughout history.