Little ones, big trouble!

Your bundle of joy can at times be quite the adventurer. Okay, not at times, most of the times. Toddlers love to play with wires, climb on cabinets and into cupboards. More often than ever, their big, round focussed eyes fail to waver from the thing that they desire to hold, throw or play with; something which is not their toy. May it be their parents’ mobiles, TV remote or grandma’s bottle of pills.

While these things are not kid-friendly, there is also a chance of your crawler getting injured. To prevent serious injuries and harm to your baby, listed below are some techniques to baby-proof your home.

What is baby proofing? Baby proofing is the act of making your home safer for children by implementing few techniques to eliminate or minimize potential hazards.

  1. Door stoppers: Majority of us have suffered the fatal blow of having an injured finger as a result of it getting stuck between the hinges of the door. While that is common with adults as well, it is the children who face this more than their elders. Use door stoppers to prevent doors from slamming on those little fingers.
  2. Corner guards: Children love to run without a care of the world. Even though it is pure bliss to watch them run and play around, at times they get hurt by the edges of the table and other furniture. Attach corner guards to avoid your kid from getting injured by the rough furniture edges.
  3. Power strip covers: The way children gravitate towards electric sockets is beyond comprehension. They love to play with the switches by turning them on and off, while listening to the *click* and taking the absolute pleasure of being at the end of their parents’ glare. Buy plastic electric socket covers to safeguard the electric sockets from the onslaught of the tiny member and protect your little one from getting electrocuted.
  4. Appliance locks: Have you wondered as child why the light turns off while closing the refrigerator? Well, you are not alone. While inquisitiveness should be appreciated and encouraged, not in the case of appliances. A fierce pull of the refrigerator door can cause things to fall down, harming your kid if it is a glass bottle. Appliance locks aid in keeping the doors of appliances such as refrigerator and oven closed.
  5. Safety latches: Drawers, cupboards and cabinets pose the same threat as doors. Children like to open and close drawers, cupboards and cabinets – expecting to find the entrance to Narnia, I am sure; but when the little fingers gets crushed as it closes accidently, the pain is unbearable for your little one. Easy to install cupboard, drawer and cabinet lock solves this problem!
  6. Faucet covers: Bath-time is playtime for kids. Throw in a tub of water and their favourite toy; they can spend the entire day splashing about. Soft covers for taps and bath spouts ensure that your baby does not get hurt as a result of the harsh edges.
  7. Safety gates: If you have stairs in your home, installing a safety gate at the beginning and end of the stairs is a practical option. A slight slip can make Jack come tumbling down the flight of stairs and get badly hurt. Installing one at the entrance of the kitchen is also a good option to keep children away from the kitchen area.
  8. High cabinets: Cleaning supplies, detergents, soaps, shampoos, etc. are to be placed hidden away from the view or inside high cabinets, out of your toddler’s reach.

With these measures set in place, you can safeguard your child from getting seriously injured within the confines of their home. Let them explore the world, while you control the factors that can do them harm. You can be a bit at ease knowing that you have done your bit, and they can finally go rampaging the rest of the house!