When we think of our Dream Home. It is not just any investment; It’s an emotion that brings along with it, a lot of good vibes, happiness and dreams. For a country that is culturally very vibrant and that is driven by a lot of religious beliefs, most people often fret about waiting for the right time to buy their dream home. Real estate has always had a track record of shooting up on the growth graph during the festive season. Moreover, the energy that surrounds these Festivals are considered to be auspicious to buy a home or an office space. Let’s understand some of the major factors that influence home buying during the festive season.

Property can be invested in at any given point of time, but there is an inclination towards purchasing property during festivities. Festive season such as Dussehra, Dhanteras and Diwali mostly see Home buying at its peak since most people believe that this is an auspicious time buy something new or do something good. A Lot of people end up buying property on Dhanteras since they see own Home as a sign of prosperity and good financial health.

The Festive Season is preceded by appraisals, bonuses and perks at workplaces. This means that a lot of home buyers have disposable income to go ahead and buy their dream home. Most home buyers tend to save as much money as they can in the preceding months so that they can splurge during the festive seasons.

During festive seasons, we see so many offers being rolled out to woo the customer of today. From Amazon, flipkart to our local departmental stores to jewelry stores etc. Similarly, even Banks roll out offers for home loans too. This empowers home buyers to buy their homes at cheaper prices. Developers too roll out several offers to entice their customers to buy their dream home during the festive season.

With Developers trying to outwit each other to grab the customer’s attention, the offers that one gets to see in the festive seasons are:
  • Benefits on registration fees and stamp duty
  • Smartphones
  • Gold coins
  • Cash discounts
  • Travel vouchers to national and international destinations
  • Free cars
  • Free car parking
  • Free club membership
  • Free home amenities and appliances such as modular kitchen, furnishing, air conditioners, etc

Apart from this, a lot of new Residential projects ranging from Luxurious Homes to Mid segment home are launched during this season with lucrative offers and payment plans. Hence Home buyers have a lot more options to choose from.

It is always good to invest in your wealth and holdings, one sure way to achieve this is buying a property.  This festive season buy a home with Pacifica Companies to avail various discounts or offers in different projects because we understand the bliss of enjoying festival with your family in your dream home.