Make Your Home Monsoon Ready!

Undoubtedly the monsoons provide a welcome relief from the heat but it sometimes can spell disaster for your home.  It brings with it a host of problems like road clogging, traffic jams and water-borne diseases. It’s the time of leaking walls, fungus on wooden furniture or wet floors. Nevertheless, you can save yourself the trouble of getting your home essentials fixed later on. Let us help you make your  home a monsoon ready home!

If care is not taken, the heavy rainstorm can also damage the structure of the house and greatly affect its resale value too. Constant contact with water can discolor exterior walls whereas dampness inside can be unpleasant, too. No doubt, we love the rains but some DIY hacks measures to shield the house can help you make a monsoon ready home. Make sure the season of rain is more enjoyable for you and your family.

Quick tips to make the monsoon more enjoyable in your home:

Water Leakages:

This is the season for water leakages. Leaks in walls and ceilings are one of the common problems during the monsoon season. Identify such cracks and get them fixed with a water sealant and a coat of paint. It is the best time to repair your building or apartment to protect your apartment from leakage and crack during heavy rainfall. You can always opt for our new residential property in Ahmedabad that offers premium quality plumbing to avoid leakage problems.

Use Tarpaulin Sheets:

Keep windows and doors closed during rainy season if still water enters your room or bedroom, cover your balcony and windows with tarpaulin sheets to cover your balcony or wide windows with. It’s a cheap and effective way of keeping the water out. Alternatively, install Anodised aluminum sliding windows which restrict water flow during heavy rain. Use Red oxide and a coat of paint to rust proofing grills and railings.

Take Care Of Your Wooden Furniture:

Because wooden doors swell during the monsoon, use sandpaper to scale down the patch, and the same trick can also be used for cabinets and drawers. Real estate builders in Ahmedabad offers premium quality door that you don’t have to deal with such issues of the swollen door!

Electrical Checks:

Check wiring and switchboards well in advance during the monsoons. If possible avoid plugging in multiple devices into one socket, even with multi-pin plugs.  Proper earthing and separate fuse for each power board is essential. Never overload and avoid unnecessary or excess power during transmission. Seek experts or professional service to ensure the safety of your apartment.

Pack Up Your Carpets:

It is advisable to pack and store the expensive carpets or rugs inside the cabinets as they can catch moisture and get dirty. Take off the heavy drapery and replace them with translucent or lacy curtains.

Try To Keep Your Home Dry:

Bacteria grow in moist conditions and can spoil your expensive wooden furniture causing them to swell. Use camphor or neem leaves inside the cabinets and wardrobes. These two are known to absorb moisture. Light-scented candles can be placed in rooms as these will not only remove the damp smell caused by the rains but also reduce moisture levels to a great extent. Fill gaps between bathroom tiles to avoid fungus.

At Pacifica Companies, we offer aesthetically designed monsoon friendly home with Vitrified tiles in the rooms, Premium quality tiles and plumbing in all bathrooms and kitchen, Granite platform in the kitchen and External texture finish where you can live worry-free.