Reasons Why Ready to Occupy Apartments are in Demand

Are you searching for luxurious apartments in major metros in India? Chances are, that you are probably seeking ready to occupy apartments. There are several ready to occupy apartments for sale in the country. As per reports, there are approximately 70,000 unsold, ready to occupy apartments across various tier 1 cities in the country. This indicates a clear supply of ready to occupy properties which are anyway on the wish list of buyers.

There are several reasons behind this trend of buyers asking for ready to occupy apartments. Firstly, developers will find it easier to market and sell ready to occupy units since these are kept out of the ambit of RERA which will apply for all under-construction projects. Secondly, many customers have had to face problems due to delays in completion of under-construction projects. Not only does it add to the burgeoning EMI and other costs of customers, it also leads to various other problems. As a result, a ready to occupy apartments is already completed and will have all its papers ready. This will help buyers move in immediately and this is the biggest reason for people preferring ready to occupy apartments.

Also, there will be no other hidden or increasing costs in the future which is something that happens with under-construction projects. With a ready to occupy apartment, a buyer has the chance to view the actual home up close along with assessing other factors and market trends before choosing to purchase and shift immediately. Many people are stuck in a situation where they pay home rentals and EMIs for newly bought homes simultaneously due to construction delays. This is something that can be avoided by purchasing ready to occupy apartments.

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