Checklist For Your Quality Home!

How can you know that your home will be a lifelong bliss?

Everyone has a dream of building the ideal and quality homes for oneself and family. The purpose of any home is to provide the maximum comfort level and full protection from the natural elements and other threats.

The quality homes features to look for when buying a home will be a strong structure, proper lighting and ventilation, security, maintenance team and features to reduce the utility bills.

What makes a livable Community:

Quality homes are built in quality neighborhoods that enrich your daily living by offering various amenities and facilities.

  1. Open space for optimum space utilization to ensure that there are more avenues for relaxation and leading to much more healthier life.
  2. A multi-purpose community hall to hold small gatherings, community activities or could also be used for meditation or yoga.
  3. Club house with Gym facility and other indoor games like carom, chess, table tennis.
  4. Safe and secure zone for children with slides, see-saw and swings.
  5. In house property and facility management for hassle free living.
  6. Private area for senior members of your family where they can relax and enjoy.
  7. Swimming pool to enjoy lazing around in the pool on a holiday within the society premises.
  8. Sprinkler in common plot or garden area to save water and ensure better maintenance of garden.

Find out what to look for when plan to buy a new home:

Windows and Ventiiations:

Your new home must have a design that lets in the maximum natural daylight. To make sure of the same, it is necessary to have the proper orientation of the house structure. Preferable windows should be UPVC sliding windows which will provide better air conditioning, cuts out noise, lesser weather effect more durable and looks elegant.

Inspection during construction:

Pacifica’s technical experts check entire  project from the foundations to final completion. So even before you are handed the keys, we will have done our best to make sure your home has been built to a high standard and is ready for you to move into!

Premium brand of bathroom fittings:

Before opting for any property make a check list of what your builder is offering! In the bathrooms, are you getting rust proof and durable branded plumbing like Kohler and Jaguar? Are you getting anti slippery, better water absorption and abrasion, aesthetically more appealing premium tile?


Quality homes have quality interior. You have to take a look at what you are getting for your money. Check out each room of the house. Are you getting granite countertops, laminate in the kitchen or modular kitchen? All these amenities have to be compared to find out what you are really getting compared to what you are spending.

A good night’s sleep:

If the prospect of cheaper energy bills doesn’t make you sleep easier, security of a new home definitely should. New homes are far safer and more secure than older properties. Pacifica homes offer 24×7 security system as part of your standard specification.

While pursuing an aspirational life, we often get confused about our priorities. That confusion will be a cause of immense frustration and long-term trouble. Keep these tiny tips in mind to enjoy a lifetime of bliss in your newly purchased home.