5 Best Plants Suitable for Gardening in Apartments

Tomatoes are Best Green partner

Those who are interesting in cultivating vegetables in practically impossible place, growing tomatoes would help them a lot. Pick one of the suitable varieties of tomatoes like a tumbler or maskotaka, or garden pearl for instance and keep it in hanging pots above sit outs. These hanging pots are safe to use provided they are fixed inside the sit out premises so that water can be fed easily and it can get the required natural light.

Organic Mushrooms for Multipurpose Use

Organic mushrooms are a great way to grow indoors. It is consumable and grown in short time. Children can enjoy mushrooms peeping out like tiny umbrellas and it can be placed on window sill with proper watering.

Decorate your Bedroom Windows with Salad Greens
Salad greens belong to the leaf vegetable family that can be added as an active vegetable in vegetable salads. It can grow in small areas. You can keep this near window and can also be kept in small containers not necessarily a pot. These kind of plants are fast in growing and do not consume more space as well as it can be used when it tender.

Rose Plant – A Universal Option for Indoor Gardening

Rose is a commonly seen plant in most of the houses. Either it is an independent house with garden or indoor garden in apartments; rose is a perfect option of plant to grow. Apart from getting flowers, growing rose requires more care and concern and it can remain a good recreation for residents.

Spider Plant-For Green Fencing
This plant variety is not conditional about light, temperature or water. It can grow like an arch and can be trimmed to obtain a protective shape surrounding the sit out fencing. It stays both a decorative as well cost effective indoor gardening plant and provides more green touch to the inhabitants.

Adjoining Gardening Fetish and Apartment Selection
Not all the floor plans in ready build apartments are provided with spacious sit outs or proper ventilation. Investors consider multiple aspects before buying an apartment and ventilation and balcony remains prominent among their requirements. Hence, check for the floor plans and the direction of the balcony if it is really provided in a direction that can get good amount of sun light.
Apartment Types which can have Balconies
Apartments range from 1bhk to 2, 3, 4 and 5 bhk luxury villas, the matter of selecting one depends on architectural nuances, carpet area, aeration, etc. When it comes to gardening aspirants, selecting a spacious and luxurious residential apartment or villa with good space for balcony is more than enough for mini gardening.

Spacious Apartments with Balcony from Pacifica Companies
Being one of the leading realty companies operating in India, Pacifica Companies has been introducing variety of residential and commercial projects in India. Almost all of our residential projects in Ahmedabad have been designed with excellent balconies. Starting from Completed projects including Green Acres residential Project, La Habitat, and ongoing projects including The Meadows and Reflections sitouts remain a prominent and attractive feature which can fulfill indoor gardening requirements of residents.
Indoor gardening is certainly a good option for apartment lifestyle. Selecting the right kind of apartment and plant varieties that can be grown within indoor premises can bring successful results.