Automate your WINDOWS

Motorised window shades and automatic blinds are some of the hottest products for the tech savy smart home buyer.

The ability to control your shades with a smart phone, or have them automatically open or close based on timers or pre-programmed conditions is not only a cool home feature, but it also saves time and energy. You can even open and close the blinds by simply using an app. The Platinum App is a unique window covering technology that is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. The app is simple to connect. All that’s needed is a Platinum bridge kit that easily connects to your WiFi router, and a repeater that goes in the rooms where you’d like to operate the shades with the app. After that’s done, download the app and you’re ready to go! Motorised shades and blinds can be part of a complete custom home automation system. And each room can be programmed to run its own scenes in its own way, depending on how the room is used.


Some people have trouble waking up in the morning, especially when the bedroom blinds are keeping the room dark. Motorised window coverings can be programmed to automatically open when your alarm goes off or open at sunrise (based on an astronomical clock). Conversely, if you need the blinds closed when you’re getting dressed, you can program them to automatically give you privacy when you exit the shower.


You can insulate your living room from the glaring sun by setting your shades to automatically close in the afternoon, when the sun is shining brightest during the warmest time of the day, and open when the sun has moved away. If you’re worried about rugs, furniture or art fading from sun exposure, automated shades can keep those damaging rays away without you having to be home.


Few things can ruin a pleasant meal like the sunlight blinding you while you’re trying to eat lunch with your family. Set your dining room shades to close at lunch time. They can open automatically an hour later if you like, or just stay closed.


If you have a dedicated home theatre or media room, you don’t want any sun washing out the picture on your flat panel TV. Automatic blinds can be programmed to close at the same time you press the play button to watch your favorite movie. If you’re not ready for that kind of integration yet, a simple app or remote-controlled shades can also make it easier to create the right atmosphere.


Many modern (and classic) homes feature windows in high, out of the way areas. These are nice design features, especially if they capture the morning sun. But they can also be impossible to manage with manual shades or blinds. In the absence of a ladder, motorized shades are not only the best, but are also the only way you can control the light from those high and out-of-the-way windows.