More reasons to buy your dream home

More reasons to buy your dream home

  • Exponential growth in real estate: Going forward the field of real estate is set to develop exponentially. The reduction in home loan rates and exemptions provided on housing loan in the Income Tax Act has led to procuring property doable for majority of the income groups.


  • Low interest rates on home loan: The colossal inflow of deposits in the banking system has led to exponential reduction in home loan interest rates. This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to buy homes.


  • Housing for All by 2022: Policy initiatives have been implemented to benefit the customer and address the struggles of the common-man as a priority. Real estate sector has been provided with a big chance to grow at an exponential rate and advance beyond the set horizons, with various initiatives such as 100 Smart cities, Housing for All by 2022 and AMRUT.


  • Higher returns: Conventional investment procedures such as bonds and fixed deposits will no longer remain a preferred method for investment due to the reduced home loan interest rates. The higher return rate on investment in the real estate sector will act as the driving factor for higher investment in the real estate field.


  • Feasible property rates: The increase in demand in real estate sector will guarantee increase in quality projects within a stable budget. It is the ideal time for homebuyers to invest in properties at comparatively feasible prices.


  • Launch of PMAY: Since the launch of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna three months ago, 1.66 crore applications have been received by the government. With nine more months to go, this is the best time for citizens to invest in their dream to buy a home of their own! This scheme is intended to provide housing schemes for the economically backward sectors with the aid of private developers. People earning an annual income of 12 lakhs are applicable for a subsidy of 4% and people earning 18 lakhs annually can avail a subsidy of 3%. This move has not only promoted affordable housing for all sectors of the society, but also has been aimed to provide housing for all by 2022.