Realty at its best

With the implementation of new government regulations such as RERA and GST, the real estate market is undergoing major transformations. The market is now more transparent and safe than real estate has ever been, and thus the estimated growth rate in the coming years is tremendous.

If you are looking to invest in residential or commercial property, the timing could not be more perfect! Right now the prices of properties have collapsed, but once the market is stabilized, these same properties will see an exponential price rise.

Although capitalizing in other investment options requires less capital, the said investment can yield higher returns only over a considerably long duration of time. While real estate requires a lump sum amount for investments; the risk involved is less and the surety of generating a profit is definite.

Real estate prices have seen their shares of ups and downs but generally, appreciate over time. From an investment point of view, buying a residential or commercial property is the best chance at earning higher returns in the long-term.

Let’s see supporting facts that will prove why real estate is a comparatively reliable method of investment:

  1. Investing in a number of properties increases your net worth by shaping an extensive asset bank.
  2. A real estate property is a way to earn additional side income. The rent from your residential or commercial property will provide you a monthly income. When the lease expires and needs to be renewed, the rental charges increases. It also acts as a security asset to the owner.
  3. Properties in preferred location always see a gradual increase in value over time.
  4. The investor has better control over the performance of a real estate investment venture compared to other investments. The investor can always implement certain changes in order to increase the value of the property.
  5. Real estate is the only investment venture that can beat inflation consistently. If appropriately invested, the returns from a real estate property can overcome inflation by miles.
  6. Real estate investment has no relation with stock market, thus safeguarding real estate investments from varying trends of the stock market.

Don’t shy away from investing in real estate. The more assets you have in real estate, the safer your investments will remain and profitable it will turn out to be. Learn more about our residential projects.