Gadgets and systems that make the old-fashioned alarm system look like a rotary-dial telephone.  There’s more to home monitoring than the simple burglar alarm of the yore. These tech-superior gadgets have features and functionality that can transform your home into a safe haven, at no additional cost. Here’s a look at what modern home automation technology has to offer.

Cellular Monitoring

Cellular-based alarm systems include their own cellular communication device. These security systems are equipped to signal for help over a secure cellular network, which works even when you are in a low network area. Industry experts have pegged cellular signaling/monitoring as the safest, most reliable form of home security.

Wireless Security Sensors

Wireless security sensors and cameras are other popular options today. A basic model consists of sensors placed throughout the home, which stand ready to detect signs of trouble. These signs could be a window break, a door opening, smoke particles in the air, or water leaks in the house. A wireless security sensor allows you to set up wireless equipment yourself without drilling holes in your walls. The new wireless DIY (do-it-yourself) approach is more in demand these days.

Mobile Applications

Thanks to software dynamites like these, you can remote monitor your alarm system, irrespective of where you are. With features like unique user access codes and individually named sensors, you can immediately isolate the cause and location of any security threat in your house. All you need to do is download and sync — the rest will automatically fall in place.


With the best home security systems incorporating features like video monitoring, motion-activated security cameras have become must-haves these days. You can check on your house via live streaming video, which can be accessed through an internet connection.

Home Automation

The concept of a ‘smart home’ alligns perfectly with the capabilities of today’s smart alarm systems. If your home is “smart,’ you can automate and control it from anywhere. Common applications include control of lights and thermostats or other climate-control functions. Economical and energy efficient, they enhance the functioning of your home.