Smart lights that will help convert your apartment into a high-tech haven

Much like our communication tools, our homes, too, are morphing into futuristic smart homes that are likely to be highly automated. Among the home technology that has made its way into India, security and lighting occupy center-stage. In the near future, home lighting is likely to move beyond glaring fluorescent tubelights or ordinary bulbs.
Contemporary homes demand that apart from providing luminescence, lights should also accentuate spaces and enhance our mood. Even a perfect decor can be ruined by bad lighting and yet, it is one of the most overlooked aspects while designing a home. These wonderful innovations will make you look at things in a new light.
Mood Lighting Consoles

With a mood lighting console you can dim and brighten lights in certain areas by just a flick of a button. Want to create a romantic ambience for a dinner with your wife. Use the console to create brighter light near the dining table, dimmer light close to the sofa, and concentrated or spot light on a table. Companies like Lutron, Clipsal and Anchor create some interesting consoles.

ENRG Rainbow Smart LED 9W

Switchboards are so passé: After a long day at work the last thing one wants to do is leave the comfort of the couch to turn on the lights. The ENRG Rainbow Smart LED 9W comes equipped with a router system that allows you to change light settings via either a remote or a mobile app. Why stick to dual tones of yellow and white when there can be so much to choose from — ENERG offers you 256 colour options to enhance the mood and ambience of your home. Irrespective of whether you need bright illumination for your study or flashing coloured lights for a late evening party, ENRG Rainbow Smart LED 9W has lights to suit every mood. `3,580;

Kawachi LED Night Panel Book Reading Light

What happens when you’re an owl who loves reading into the long hours of the night but your partner is a lark who finds the glaring rays of the bedside night lamp annoying? Simple. You get the Kawachi LED Night Panel Book Reading Light that resembles an illuminated magnifying glass; its soft light is bright enough to enable you to read a book without hurting your eyes. This portable light gives you 50 hours of illumination powered on three AAA batteries. An easy solution when you want to burn the midnight oil on a long haul flight or share rooms without disrupting your partner’s sleep. `249;
Taewon Hwang Floor Plan Light Switch

Though still in its conceptual phases, this remarkable innovation will mark the demise of the traditional switchboard. Have you ever had trouble recalling what switch corresponds to which light because there are too many buttons on the switchboard? The Taewon Hwang switchboard eliminates any room for error because each switchboard is customised according to the home it is built for, on the basis of its floor plan. A touch screen panel, illumination is just a feather touch away

Quace Solar Garden LED Light Box Wall Light

While solar lighting requires higher initial investments than their electrical counterparts, they have a fairly long shelf life, help to slash your power bills considerably and are zero-maintenance. Solar energy provides a fuel-efficient alternative as a power resource. While the illumination may not be as strong as traditional lighting systems, they make decent garden and outdoor lights. The Quace Solar Garden LED Light Box Wall Light has a classic look that can spruce up your verandah and fences. `736;