You may not yet possess the food replicator from Star Trek but thanks to innovation in technology, you can have a home that will save energy, send an alert if your home is under threat, even helps you bake a pie right from your office chair! Here are a few to start with.

Smart Thermostat

ACs have upped their game. They now service themselves, detect motion, and adjust the temperature to ensure the air inside is pure – or as pure as possible. However, they cannot pre-prep a room. That’s why you need a thermostat.

New Brand: Nest Thermostat

This intelligent thermostat is programmed to understand your living habits and then set the energy consumption pattern across all your home appliances. It also ‘controls’ your phone, iPad, iPod and WiFi, making it easy to save energy.

Chic Lighting

Mood and sensor lightings aren’t new to the market. Thanks to cutting-edge LED technology, people have realised the joys of clean, energy-efficient lighting. Example: The GE Reveal Bulb series was the first to introduce cost and energy efficient customised lighting. So, can it get better? Yes!

New Brand: Philips Hue

The LED technology backed lighting system has completely customizable lightbulbs. You can use your phone to change the light setting to match your mood or the occasion. Besides, they use 80 per cent less energy than the disposable systems.

Thinking Appliances

While Samsung has already introduced a smart refrigerator that features Wi-Fi, an LCD touchscreen and specialised apps – you can even tweet on it, Miele has launched a modular kitchen that operates through a chip – everything from maintenance to preset cooking can be done using a chip.

New Brand: GE Brillion

This wall oven has an app that allows you to turn on the device through a remote control, pre-heat the oven, change the temperature and check on the meat probe settings. The app also sends you an alert once the dish is ready to be taken out of the oven. Cooking doesn’t get better than this!

Keep an Eye

Camera Security System is an essential for every smart home. While most cameras come equipped with a memory chip to store visuals for later scrutiny, Goji Smart Lock can alert you instantly.

New Brand: Goji Smart Lock

An intelligent smart lock built using the latest Bluetooth technology, Goji is designed to display your name, photograph the person knocking on your door and send you an alert via text message and email. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network from a remote location to grant you access to the lock.