Residential Projects In Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, is one of the most important cities in India. At the moment, it is the 7th largest metropolitan city of this country. Since the last few years, this city has seen tremendous growth and development in all major industry sectors. This includes the real estate market as well. Currently, the real estate market growth rate is increasing significantly mostly due to the growth of IT sector and better job opportunities for citizens. Investors are jumping in to seize this opportunity and develop several residential projects in Ahmedabad to meet the demands of the citizens. Pacifica is one of the leading real estate companies in this respect.

In the earlier days, people had very few requirements; they were satisfied with just a roof above their heads and a comfortable place to stay. However, that is no longer true in today’s world. Nowadays, people want to spend their lives luxuriously, and hence, their homes need to reflect that.

Most apartments nowadays are created keeping this point in mind. But, that is fine for the upper class; the middle class can’t afford these buildings. They prefer something cheaper, within their budget. This is where Pacifica shows how well they understand the market. Their residential projects aren’t exclusive to the upper class as they build apartments for the middle class as well.

Each and every apartment is checked thoroughly to make sure that they adhere to international standards. The location of each and every residential project is strategically planned so as to minimise the distance between the apartments and important locations, such as the airport, market, major road junctions etc. Thus, the residents do not have to travel far for basic needs. Lush green vegetation is present to provide fresh air, preventing residents from getting sick from pollution. Parks, clubs, swimming pools as well as gyms are available for their entertainment. All in all, the residential projects in Ahmedabad developed by Pacifica can be considered a complete package, both for the upper as well as the middle class.

Their contribution in shaping the real estate market of this country has been massive. They have more than 30 years of experience in the real market, which is reflected by the projects they develop. Customer satisfaction is always their topmost priority, which is evident from the recent surveys and reports.