Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

With a fast paced lifestyle becoming the norm and the rising prices of residential properties. Owning a dream home and living a wholesome life has become a distant goal for many. Home buyers demand to be a part of communities. Communities that they can belong to, with amenities and facilities that support their lifestyle. Living in a gated community can have a lot of benefits. These benefits can not only promise a wholesome lifestyle but can also be easy on the pocket.

home buyers  look for homes that provide for a wholesome lifestyle

The boom of migrant workers in tier 1 and tier 2 cities. It has contributed to the rising demand of homes. These consumers are not people who only look at the quality aspect of the homes. These are the new age home buyers who look for homes that provide for a wholesome lifestyle. These are people who look to belong somewhere. They look for homes that not only provide world class amenities but also the beauty of living in a gated community with friends and acquaintances.  36-year-old Jay Vyas who is from Delhi and living in Ahmedabad says “My wife and me had a choice of building our own independent home but we wanted to be a part of a community, the beauty of getting to know new people and being a part of something gives us much more happiness”

There are many benefits that one can derive from living in a community, below are some pointers that can help you.

Gated community – Feeling of togetherness

Be it a festival or a cricket match, social events are best enjoyed with family friends and neighbors. It builds stronger relationships and celebrates the feeling of togetherness. A gated community makes such events possible and memorable as against an independent home

Location  – biggest advantage of gated community

When Gated communities are being planned especially when there are more than 100 homes in one project, it is essential that the builder ensures that the location is either a developed one or will see development in the next one year, since they also need to sell homes. An Ideal location would have good connectivity to major landmarks, accessibility to schools, hospitals and daily conveniences. Hence for Home buyers who are looking for a home with a location as the main factor, a gated community is your best choice.

Security Arrangements

With the advancement in technology, it has become really easy to, maintain the security levels of a house, with very few manual security guards. Technology like CCTV surveillance and intercom services have taken over the league of the security system. Also, apps like “MyGate” has been in such a trend with the societies. Here you get notification of every individual who wants to visit your home. However then initial cost of buying this technology might be very expensive. When you are living in a gated community this feature will fall under common facilities. The expenses are usually divided equally amongst everyone or come under the maintenance cost.

Gated community offers Cost-Effective Amenities

When you live in a society, it becomes easier to, maintain as well as afford various amenities. Swimming pool, Gymnasium and a clubhouse. All of them are available to you for a fraction of a price since they are divided under a larger number of home buyers. Also, have you ever thought how difficult it becomes to maintain such amenities? But Being in society together, it becomes easier to maintain them. In addition to the same, having a community to go and share all these amenities with gives you company while working out or going into the pool. It is a good way to socialize.

Management Of Facilities

Let’s discuss, a simple problem you might have faced more often. It is much more costly when you have to fix a single broken tap! However, when you have an in-house (in-society) facility management, it becomes easier and convenient to get things at your home fixed. Also, it comes way too cheap. In-built facility management is one of the highest perks of living in a gated community.

All perks at one destination

Now, you might wonder where to get all these perks together at one destination? Pacifica Companies has a variety of projects. Projects that will help you experience the best out of community living. A lot of love and efforts is put by our team members in curating all the facilities for your dream home. We try to give our best at providing you with lifestyle experience, world-class amenities and state of the art facilities.

If you look at it from outside, it is just a house. We at Pacifica Companies make sure you have a home. There are infinite ways where you can transform your house into a home. Although, there are certain things you need assistance with. Pacifica believes in helping out its customers from the very initial stage of buying a house to maintaining it all along!