Is Your DREAM HOME Ready For The Summer?

Often when people look for their dream home, they give more importance to the beauty and the design of the home rather than the functionality of the house. Sustainable homes that are weather resistant and energy saving should be preferred to ensure we live comfortably in our homes. After all, if we can’t be comfortable in our own spaces, where will we be?

These pointers should be kept in mind while looking out for your dream home to ensure that it is summer ready and lets you live comfortably.


While we understand that summers can be a little harsh and hot, letting ample sunlight inside your home is necessary. It helps in killing a lot of bacteria. Also, if you have house plants, they will still need indirect sunlight to grow. Ensure that your dream home is made in such a way that the rooms have cross ventilation. This lets wind and breeze circulate around the home and keep the temperature cool. Having ample sunlight and ventilation also ensures that your electricity bills are easy on the pocket.


Check with the builder if they have used sustainable building materials and weather proof coatings to ensure that the temperature inside the homes are maintained. Eg. A lot of builders make pergolas on the top of the building which is not only enhances the architectural beauty of the buildings, but also shade the terrace areas to ensure that the don’t heat up too much. Similarly, some builders use china mosaic while others use weather proof coating and paint on the exterior walls to keep the temperatures low.


While landscaped gardensand Trees make a real estate project look very beautiful. One must in fact choose such projects, since these green spaces help in keeping the surrounding environment cool and protect people from the heat wave. These greenspaces also help in ensuring that the quality of air that we breathe remains fresh. You can always take a walk in these gardens without breaking a sweat.


A lot of builders use solar energy for the lights and equipment’s in the common areas. This not only ensures that we are saving energy but also ensures that we get lower electricity bills.

Keeping cool in the summers might be difficult, but these tips should ensure that your home is comfortable enough for you and your family. At Pacifica Companies, we ensure that we follow these tips and a lot more to make your home the coziest place you want to be this summer.