Vastu Shastra Tips For Your Child’s Growth

A home is a token of love and satisfaction. Such a place turns out to be a home for a happy family. You always want to live peacefully in your home with your family. Sometimes, there is tension or uneasiness in the family not because of some sort of fight but, because of some external negative energy. You’re unaware of such happenings. Let us help you with some Vastu Shastra tips to keep negativity out of your home.

What if your child works hard enough to get success but, there is always something wrong. Wondering what the reason is? Keep your worries aside for it may be negative energy that is influencing your child’s bad behaviour. Vastu Shastra can provide you the appropriate solution for these negative energies.

A sense of support is very important for the growing a family. Especially in the case of children because of their growing minds and young hearts need love and support. Children need a nurturing environment to grow and to develop their minds. These positive signs can be brought into the home with the help of Vastu Shastra tips. Your child’s room is a hub of recreation and fun however, some basic things should be taken care of. The reason can be the existing negative energy which can be made positive with the help of Vastu Shastra principles. A home built with these principle invites prosperity, happiness, wealth, and satisfaction.

Essential Vastu suggestions for your child’s room:

1. The door:

An ideally constructed children’s room in the west zone of your home with the door facing east welcome positive energy and happiness in your child’s bedroom. Avoid hanging signs or boards as they can evoke negative emotions, ego clashes, or even fights between children and parents.

2. The bed

The bed in your child’s room must be placed in the west or southwest corner of the room because it is a mark of good fortune, good health, and success. From the comfort point of view wooden bed is quite comfortable and it also fosters positive energy.

3. Say No-No to food on bed:

A bed is purely meant for sleeping and relaxation. Stop your children from eating on the bed as it can invite bad dreams and produce negative energy.

4. Restrict the Electronic Gadgets:

According to Vastu Shastra, you should avoid placing too many electronic gadgets in your child’s room as they produce harmful radiation and high electromagnetic stress. This could lead to negative concentration power in your child’s mind.

5. Color of the room:

Color affects the mood to a great extent and they are known to evoke certain emotions. It is recommended to use light shades of color in their room to brighten and to balance the child’s mood swings.

6. Placing in the Study Room:

Vastu Shastra tips room suggests placing everything in the proper location. The study room in your child’s room should be placed in the west or southwest direction to ensure his memory and concentration is gets a positive turn.

7. A Clutter-free Space:

Educate your child to keep the study desk clutter free. Ensure that the child faces east or north while studying.

8. Direction of windows:

Try to have windows on the eastern side, as this will ensure that your child’s room is well lit in early mornings. Whereas, cluttering and dusty rooms represent negativity so keep the room clean.

9. Positioning mirrors:

Always keep mirrors opposite side of your child’s bed as it is a principle of Vastu Shastra.

10. Freshen up with Flowers:

Decorating the room makes your child’s room look beautiful and freshens the mood. You can also decorate the northeast corner with flowering water bodies to allow freshness and calmness.

These are only a few Vastu Shastra tips which can be applied in your child’s room for positivity besides these. Some people believe their child can manage studies and do well in exams without putting these efforts. On the other hand, few parents may feel that it is important to maintain and balance their home’s positive energy for their family’s growth and happiness. Though there are a lot of Vastu Shastra tips shared via different mediums. As an armature you need to take expert advice for this field. Do keep in mind the actual purpose of the room before applying any Vastu Shastra tips.