All Colors Have Something To Say

Colors! The word itself brightens up your thought with different colors. It is difficult to imagine a life without colors because the color is the most beautiful visual experience. They play a very crucial role as they not only influence your mood but also stimulate our reaction.

Varied Colors can sway your thinking, change actions and cause a reaction. Also, colors have the power to affect your moods to a great extent. They can make you jovial, sad, and melancholic. This way colors trigger our emotions to a huge extent. They have the capacity of pacifying our mind, stimulating our energy and have an emotional, intellectual, materialistic, intuitive and many other types of influence on humans. Whereas, each color has a concept and triggers certain emotions among individuals on the basis of their charachter.

Let’s understand the color theory and how it affects mood:

Blue the calming effect:

Everyone wants their home to have a beautiful look. A home not only serves the basic purpose of giving shelter, it is also an impression of what you are. As a homeowner, it is your decision to choose what color to paint your home in. But there are few colors that are especially preferable by the homeowners. One of those colors is the color Blue.

Blue is generally a color that depicts calmness and soberness. Depending on individual taste and preferences you can go for the color blue to paint your home/room to obtain the calmness effect. Blue evokes a feeling of calmness and spirituality as well as security and trust. It is no surprise that blue is the go-to color because it causes the body to create chemicals that are calming. you can color not only your rooms but various other rooms of gathering with color blue in order to make your guest feel relaxed and calm.

Go pure white

One can never define white as a choice of option. In order to make your room look larger and spacious, the color white is perfect for you. This color is a decent choice of an option for people who want to keep their home look clean. White symbolizes purity and is highly recommended by Vastu. Apart from these basic importance white gives a happy medium for you to feel calm. A white room automatically gives you the feeling of cleanliness and purity because the color itself is a sign of innocence and goodness.

The joyous Yellow:

The color yellow is always considered as joyous and cheerful for the home environment. Yellow color catch sunlight and leave you with an uplifting feeling of joy and liveness. Not only your bedroom, even if you have a child’s room painting it yellow can create a happy and cheerful environment for your child. Similarly, you can also paint your child’s study room with the same color. Having a dedicated study area is vitally important for your child’s success. Along with creating a happy environment for your child you can also use this color to get your kitchen and dining room painted. The color yellow is believed to increase hunger, stimulate the nerves and purify an individual’s body.

Feel fresh with green:

The color green is known for providing calmness and solace to a person’s vision. Any shade of green in your room will create a peaceful, fresh environment and helps relieve stress. It is also suitable for any place ranging from the living room, dining room, bedroom or kitchen. Your home is a place of tranquility and calmness, comfort and happiness. Hence, the green color is an appropriate choice for a soothing effect. This color also makes your room look majestic and elegant.

The zealous orange:

Getting your room painted with different color is a feeling of contentment because colors have a huge effect on your mood in every way. Similarly, the color orange evokes excitement and enthusiasm. It may not be a good idea for living room or bedroom, but can be a good option for exercise room that needs a lot of motivation and energy that needs to be released during your fitness. For the fitness enthusiast, it induces the feeling of enthusiasm and keeps motivated. This color creates zeal and increases energy level.

Keeping your home alive is vital because it is only a place where you get to attain tranquility and comfort with friends and family. Well, there are numerous colors that convey information, influencing decisions and evoke certain moods. It depends on your taste and preference what color you would like to use in your home. A home is the only place which one can renovate in their own style.

We at Pacifica Companies, provide color ready homes in our projects so that it becomes easy for our customers to paint their homes or rooms according to their personal choice of colors.