Organic Modern Living – The new TREND

Organic is a word you don’t generally associate with living, do you? The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word organic is food or vegetables. Well, that’s changing now. People want to opt for a complete detox life. More and more people are turning towards organic products. They are seeking organic food, organic clothing and now even an organic lifestyle or organic modern living.

What exactly is this Organic Modern Living?

Imagine an exquisite home surrounded by nature all around. Being enveloped in greenery, enjoying authentic and organic products right where they are reaped from mother earth. While the ones living in the hustle of the city, love the sophistication and glam of a lifestyle that a city has to offer, one does yearn for the proximity to green environs. Just the thought of a stroll through woods right next to your abode perks you up. Delving in the marvels of nature, feasting on the fresh delicacies, spending time with your family while staying connected to the world of internet is something a concrete jungle cannot provide. All this inspired the concept of Organic Modern Living, a lifestyle with nature’s harmony. Embracing the fundamental truth that everything, and all of us are interconnected. A lifestyle where everything is interconnected from the food you eat to your daily activities.

Why is organic farmhouse living becoming a trend?

‘A home, away from home – a vacation home was a concept that gained popularity over the past few years. The ones buying a vacation home, now have the choice to own a home away from the noise, away from the hurried sense of time as well as being close to nature, an organic farmhouse living.

Tired of living in crowded places and pollution, people want a sense of belonging towards nature. The calmness it brings; the levels of stress it decreases, that no place can provide in a city. One wants to be perpetually upbeat with a constant surge of energy and enthusiasm by living close to greenery. Presently, “a home close to nature” is becoming the concept of vacation homes. This organic living trend is the answer for all who seek beauty in the purity of nature.

What benefits does this bring?

Along with being an exceptional vacation getaway, it also provides a healthy lifestyle. A vacation getaway with peace of mind and body at the centre of it. It can even be a good solid second income if you turn it into a rental asset while you’re away. It can also bring tax benefits; owning a home on loan is a way of saving taxes.

If you live in a metro city like Ahmedabad and have an organic living option near Ahmedabad, the best part would be – you won’t need to take a lot of vacations or plan a faraway trip to a tourist destination, only to take a break from the hectic routine and frequent transitions of Ahmedavadi life. An organic farmhouse living close to your primary home, just outside the city is certainly something you’ll need. You’ll be able to hop in your car and reach a natural paradise before you know it to rejuvenate in the environs’ magic. A vacation home seeker can live their dream of having a home away from home and enjoy a healthier lifestyle with this new trend of organic farmhouse living.