Tips To Create A Dedicated Study Space

With exams around the corner, nobody can deny the fact that studying is vitally important. It is a way to a student’s success in school, college, and university. We often overlook the importance of a dedicated study space.

Every student is unique in their own ways. While some find it necessary to have complete silence where others can study just fine with a bit of ambient noise. One of the most important reasons for having a dedicated area for study is that it sharpens the mind and improves concentration. A separate study area is better than using a bedroom, kitchen or living room. The student in a dedicated study space is much less likely to be under disturbance by other people at home.

Dedicated study space will inevitably let your child study in a peaceful environment. It enhances their focus on studies. Generally, this area can be as quiet as possible. Choose whichever approach that seems to suit your child.

We suggest you closely observe your child’s comfort level with different settings so as to choose the right concept for a study room

An ideal study space will usually have:
  • Ample sun light:

The more natural light that can enter a study space, the better. During evenings West-facing rooms take in plenty of natural light.

  • Distraction-free:

A serene study room keeps your child distraction-free and helps them to focus well.

  • Fresh air:

Make sure that your dedicated study space allows for plenty of fresh air. This will help your mind to focus. Try to add a few houseplants to the room, as they will improve the air quality of the space which, in turn, will help with concentration. According to research, houseplants can also reduce stress levels.

Tips to create a perfect study environment:
  • The less clutter that is there in the room, the less likely it is that your child will be distracted. A neat and tidy room is always full of positive energy and enhances concentration in your child whereas negative energy and an untidy environment can cause just the opposite.
  • Have a designated space for everything within the study area so that your child will know immediately where to find the required study material. Shelves make a perfect place for keeping books stored within instant reach.
  • Psychological research proves that secondary school students tend to study best when surrounded by cool shades of colours as this stimulates your child and encourages productivity, while also helping to maintain alertness.
  • The space should be in privacy, in a low-traffic area of the home where your child is quite unlikely to be disturbed
  • According to Fengshui principles, a picture of goldfish in the northeast corner of the room, along with a crystal will help to increase your child’s thinking ability. Also, recommended are light shades of blue, green, white, and cream for your child’s study room. We suggest you to avoid dark shades in the study room.

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