Are Lower Floors Preferable In An Apartment?

 Purchasing a home is a very crucial decision where you put your hard-earned money. Home buying is not a feeling, it’s an emotion and the proof of your efforts towards a better life. When you look forward to buying a home there is always a checklist that you prepare. Can the number of floors in apartment be a key point? Let us help you know more

The home buyers today are given many choices with all the options available in real estate markets. Be it a multi-story 2 bhk apartments or luxurious villas. Before making a final decision a home buyer considers a lot of factors. Apart from every other factor such as amenities, type of flooring, location, accessibility to essential features, neighborhood, flooring, etc. One important factor that people tend to consider the most important is the selection of what floor to live in. Thus, getting sound knowledge of everything is important as a potential buyer. This is a difficult decision to make for a first time home buyer. While some people inculcate a fascination for living in a high rise apartment, some prefer lower floors.

Top reasons why there is an obsession with the lower floors of an apartment:

Proper Ventilation in The Apartment:

The problem of power failure is a common problem in India. We all have dealt with a power failure at some point of the other. Previously there were no backups provided in case of a power failure and people have to spend days or even a few nights sleeping in the scorching heat in summer. While living in lower floors, in case of a power cut you do not have to worry about feeling hot. In case of a power failure, you can open the windows and let the fresh air come in. Nowadays, reputed builders provide DG system which is a backup in case of power failure, but in during uncertainty or any emergency you can remain at peace even in case of power failure.

Cost-Cutting While Designing:

During summer the cost of AC always rises. As compared to upper floors the lower floors do not get as much as sunlight. Hence, during summers it keeps your home cool cutting down your AC consumption and utility bills. During summer season if your home is well insulated, the temperature within the home remains cooler.


Living on an upper floor or top floor you always have to worry about the lift. When moving to and fro, waiting for the lift can be a tedious task. Especially when you have a pet it can be a daunting task to wait for the lift and take them to walk. Living in lower floors gives you the freedom to walk down via stairs saving your time of waiting for the lift. One benefit of walking through stairs is also that it is a healthy exercise.

Convenient Shifting For Floors:

Shifting to a new home is a very tedious task especially when living on top floors because then you will have to wait for the lift and haul your luggage, furniture and other commodities. Similarly, buying a home on lower floors you can transfer each commodity via stairs which proves to be an easy and a time-consuming task.

Families With Children:

For those who live with children, it is best to opt for lower floors. Your child needs constant care and attention. Sometimes, it may be difficult for parents to every time take their kids/child to play in gardens moreover there is always a risk involved of children climbing and peeping through windows. In the case of lower floors, the risk is less. You can get a view of everything happening on the ground where your children are playing. While they play in the gardens you can sit and monitor your children from the balcony or windows to be assured of their safety. This facility cannot be enjoyed in case of upper floors.

Gardening Option For You:

Gardening is a beautiful art which many of them are fond of. It is also a act because plants always offer benefits to us and our environment. The lowers floors of an apartment is the best option for those who love gardening because they need proper sunlight, water, and care. This can be managed only when you live in ground floors so that you can look after them from time to time.

Different people have different choice for floors they want to live in based on their requirements and preferences. Pacifica Companies offer different high rise apartments in different locations which aptly suits your taste of having a home with comfort and happiness.